I'm currently fully booked, but I'll open commissions again in early 2024. Email me at to be added to the waitlist!

What to Expect

  1. Reach out to me via email and describe your project. If you have references from my own work or elsewhere, samples of your work, etc — bring it on! I'll provide a quote based on the size of the project, licensing needs, and required files, as well as an estimated start date.
  2. Just before that start date, I'll reach out to find if you're still available. When I have confirmation of your availability, I'll draft an agreement for us to sign and send you a Paypal invoice for the first 50% of the project fee. If I don't hear from you within two weeks, I'll move on to the next client on the waitlist and we'll fit you in at a later date!
  3. Once the agreement is signed and the invoice paid for, I'll take some time to sketch out 2-3 rough concepts. After a direction is decided on, we'll go through a few rounds of adjustments, polishing, etc. That's when the magic happens!
  4. When we're both happy with the piece, I'll prepare files for export and delivery while you pay a final Paypal invoice for the remainder of the fee. And then we're done! Be sure to tag me on social media when your project goes live so I can boost you!

Selected Commissions

Album Art

Books & Games